20 Words with Michael May

Kill All Monsters CoverMichael May, a contributor to the ComicBookResources Robot 6 blog and Good Comics for Kids blog on the School Library Journal site, has spent time writing in and around comics for a number of years before his recent collaboration, Kill All Monsters!, with Jason Copland.  The webcomic Kill All Monsters! was recently published by Alterna Comics (ComicSpectrum’s review can be found here.  To supplement the costs of publishing through Alterna, Michael ran a successful Kickstarter campaign for the book.   Michael has also had work published with IDW Publishing.  A short story, Completely Cold, ran in issues of Shadowplay and Night Mary in 2005.
Shadowplay_MMay20Words NightMary_MMay20Words
Outside of comics, Michael has contributed to several anthologies including The Ice Monster in 2011’s dark fantasy Hunt the Winterlands, and The Murderous Scarecrow in 2013’s The Avenger: Roaring Heart of the Crucible.
Winterlands TheAvengerCover_MMay20Words
For more information about Michael, you can visit his blog, Adventureblog, or follow him on Twitter at @michaelmaycomix.  Michael graciously subjected himself to our 20 Word Interview and this is what he had to say:

ComicSpectrum: If I wasn’t a writer I’d probably be:
Michael May: Artist

CS: The one kind of scene/story I hate having to write is:
MM: The kind I’ve already written twelve times, but isn’t working

CS: The most challenging story I’ve ever had to write was:
MM: Kill All Monsters

CS: You’re having a dinner party. What 3 characters from comics would you want on the guest list?
MM: Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman

CS: What is most challenging in collaborating with an artist?
MM: Communication

Interview conducted by Jeff Bouchard: jeff@comicspectrum.com
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