20 Words with Ángel Antón Svoboda

svoboda-malacara1-300x213Writer and Artist Ángel Antón Svoboda went to the School of Art and Design in Spain, and later founded his own advertising studio, I am, I can where he currently serves as the Art Director.  He always has a passion for comics since he was a child and has gone back into the comic book world with his current work on Arcane Secrets, which was reviewed here.

From Svoboda to Comic SpectrumI really enjoyed his most recent work, Arcane Secrets which is written with the premise of “Cthulu for All Ages”.  I’m personally excited for the next issue, as well as his next project which he’s currently working on.  It will be different than what we saw with the comic book Arcane Secrets or what you can see on the website www.malacarajack.com where he writes about a western bandit more stupid than his horse.  This new project will be focused on the narrative, exploring short dialogues, silences and the way of looking between the characters.

arcane1The following is the 20 Word Interview with Ángel.  Thank you so much for your time and we look forward to seeing more of your work in the future!

ComicSpectrum:  If I wasn’t a comic creator I’d probably be…
Ángel Antón Svoboda: Current role, Art Director

CS:  The one object I hate having to draw is
AAS:  Correct Perspective!

CS:  The most challenging story I’ve ever written was
AAS:  My newest project…stay tuned!

CS:  You’re having a dinner party.  What 3 characters from comics would you want on the guest list?
AAS:  Abe Sapien, John Constantine, Batman

CB:  What is the strangest sketch request you have received?
AAS:  What ultimately came to be Malacara Jack!

Malacara Jack
Interview conducted by Shawn Hoklas: shawn@comicspectrum.com
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